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About us 

Experience surf lessons in Tamarindo Beach with Alvaro, owner & head coach of Tidal Wave Surf Academy 

Nice To Meet You 

Hello everyone,

I'm Alvaro, a Venezuelan residing in the stunning Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica, serving as the Head Coach and Owner of Tidal Wave Surf Academy.

My surfing journey began 19 years ago on the shores of Chirimena in Venezuela, where I explored nearly every stretch of the central coast.
Five years ago, I found myself in Tamarindo, instantly captivated by its charm, and began offering surf lessons.
As an ISA-certified Surf Instructor with extensive experience teaching both children and adults, I am committed to sharing the joy of surfing.

Two years into my time here, I crossed paths with Loren, who came to Tamarindo to learn to surf. We fell in love and decided to merge our passion for surfing and travel by establishing this academy together.

Surfing has brought us balance, tranquility, and purpose, and we are eager to impart this passion by teaching others the sport that has enriched our lives. We're thrilled to share our knowledge of surfing and the Guanacaste area with you, enhancing your surfing and travel experiences.

We believe that the ocean and nature offer solace and rejuvenation for individuals of all ages. By instilling the fundamentals of surfing in our students and sharing insights into the best activities in the area, we hope to inspire you to find your own sense of equilibrium and serenity. 

Pura Vida, 


isa certified surf instructor
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