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The surfing spots in Tamarindo beach, Costa Rica.

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Tamarindo beach is a popular surfers' beach in Costa Rica.

Mostly because of its consistent waves and beginner-friendly breaks.

The best season of waves for intermediate and advanced surfers is from September to November, but waves for beginners and intermediate surfers can be found year-round.

The best time to surf in Tamarindo beach is two hours before high tide and two hours after high tide, notice that ocean tides change on a daily basis, you can check them at this link : (make sure you change to the relevant month

In Tamarindo Beach, Guanacaste, Costa Rica there are several popular spots for surfing.

we divide them into surfing levels for your convenience.

Beginner surfers:

  1. Tamarindo River Mouth (Boca del Rio): This is the most popular spot on Tamarindo Beach which offers a variety of breaks for surfers of all skill levels. and is known for its fun, playful waves. The beach break is the most popular spot for beginners and longboarders.

  2. Capitan Suizo spot: This surf spot is located on the south side of Tamarindo beach, behind the Capitan Suizo Hotel, a name given to the spot by the locals. this spot is ideal for beginner surfers due to its sandy bottom and smooth small waves.

surf lessons in tamarindo
Family Surf lesson Tamarindo

Intermediate surfers:

  1. Pico Pequeño: This is a point break located to the north of Tamarindo River Mouth that offers powerful, fast waves. It is a popular spot for experienced surfers.

  2. Pico grande: This is a reef break located to the south of Tamarindo River Mouth. It is known for its long, hollow waves and is a popular spot for experienced surfers.

  3. Henry spot: This is a point break located in front of the Diria hotel, and it is a popular spot for intermediate and advanced surfers. It's a great spot for Goofy footers. If you are lucky you can catch a small barrel at the beginning of the wave. Be aware that this right wave ends in rocks, so consult a local guide before entering.

Experienced surfers:

  1. Isla Capitan: A small island called Isla Capitán lies about 400 meters west of Capitán Suizo and about one-kilometer southwest of Tamarindo Beach break. Only experienced big wave riders should surf this deep water, offshore spot. Usually only surfed at low tide, this reef and rock-bottomed break offer excellent surfing opportunities. It is highly recommended that you take a jet ski or a boat to reach this break.

surf lessons in tamarindo
Professional surf lessons Tamarindo

Notice, that wave conditions can change depending on the time of the year or the day, so remember to check the local forecast before going out to surf.

Happy surfing :)

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